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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Slide Mt. to Surprise Valley Flight Report

 Matt Dakin getting ready to go. He and I drove up together, not that bad a drive with Freeway for most of it. We left Calistoga where I picked him up at around 7am and got into North Lake Tahoe about 10.   Lots of snow in the mountains this spring and lots of Reservoirs over capacity.  Washoe Lake is right up against Hwy 395 but the bailout LZ is still dry.

 Steve Grattan and another pilot I didn't know. Maybe 10 hangs total flew. Matt said somebody broke an arm in the bailout when he was there.  I think it was the first pilot off the hill who was on a topless Moyes and said it had been 13 yrs. since his last flight.  Not a fun way to begin again.

Lake Tahoe as I climbed up over Slide Mt. Radio was giving me the weather stations and I had to pull it out and get it back on channel after I topped out around 12k. and glided back to Mt. Rose. Also turned on my InReach Sattelite tracker at this point so it doesn't show my takeoff at Slide. It's set for 20 mn. gaps between track points by me, which seems good enough for flying purposes. I didn't launch till almost 1 but the winds were predicted to be SE for most of the day  so I was in no real hurry, as others were sinking out, to go.

Lake Tahoe from where I climbed out before crossing over i80 to Peavine. Mt.  Lots of virga and high clouds blocking the sun but the day had lots of promise. Winds were mostly in the 8 to 14 mph range. Predominantly S at base but lower down SE to SW depending on the terrain.

 Peavine Mt. from same local as previous shot looking north across i80. I flew straight to Peavine and by the time I got there those nice clouds were right over it and I hit strong lift to 14500' or so.  The Sierras were over developing with virga falling everywhere so knew I had to stay away from them. I flew over Cold Springs Lake and town which is just to the left of Peavine and came in on the ridge behind it a bit low.  After a few turns I decided to ridge soar up it's eastern facing flank as my flight instrument was showing SE winds around 14 mph which I figured I could ridge soar till I caught a good thermal.  I gained some alt. but never really hooked up and was slowly sinking down below the ridges top. My vario said SW at this point so I figured the westerlys had pushed into this locale so moved over to the other side of the valley which had a road and good places to put down in.  I caught a thermal, after unzipping and picking out a landing zone, and rode it back to around 10k.  I was only about 30 miles out and did not want to end my flight so soon on this great looking day.

 This shot is about an hour and a half later after I scratched across a hard stretch and finally skied out to base above 16k.  Pyramid Lake to the east looking into Nevada and a soaring pilots wet dream. Around 45 miles out, here, I think.  Nice looking cloud streets all the way to the Warners down wind of me so that is where I headed.  Matt and our driver Mike were ahead of me sitting on 395 and got a visual of me here.

The Warner Range with snow covered peaks ahead and Surprise Valley to it's right.  Beautiful clouds with strong lift over 1200 fpm and big sink between them for super fast glides in the 60 mph range with the south tail wind.  Good radio reception and the guys were staying even with me on Hwy 395 to my west a few miles.  I never got low again after that one hard stretch.  Mostly stayed above 10'000 till getting to the Warners.  Had my oxygen working good which was nice to have as the air was quite cold up high. My camel back line had slush in it but never froze solid so I had plenty of water to drink.

 Last shot I took as I flew between clouds dropping virga. Got snowed on or sleeted on a few times but nothing major. I've had my arms turn white on other flights.  The virga doesn't seem to affect the air to much if you are not right under it where I imagine it can have a strong down bursting nature.  No big cunims to worry about on this day so I was not worried and flew through the snow uneventfully.  16823' max alt. near this point. Cloud base was easily above 17 but I felt uncompelled to find out and risk entering the white room.  I hit max alt. after pulling on the VG at 16500' and crossing under a cloud lifting me at 1250 fpm.

Anyway I was hoping to get up on the Warner Range and at least try to take it to Lakeview but by the time I got there they were covered with clouds dropping snow and rain.  I got to Eagle Peak which is at 9900' above it by about 200 ft. but with no lift to be found and the range in clouds glided out into Surprise Valley and landed along the Hwy.  The guys were on Hwy 299 waiting for my transmission telling them which way I would be going to land.   I could have went more east out into the Nevada back country to extend my flight, but both those guys had to work in the morning, and I didn't feel like ending my flight in the middle of nowhere.

I dropped my streamer low after pushing it to a field which still had some sun on it hoping to get up but no luck and I didn't see the streamer fall over with the ground wind.  It laid over NE to SW but I guessed it had laid over SW to NE because that's the last direction my flight instrument had recorded.

I came in over the highway and just kept going and going at a high speed and knew I was in for some pain or broken metal at least in the tailwind.  I flared with all I had and kept it from whacking but fell on my right shoulder hard and bruised it deeply if not an outright seperation. The glider was fine. A field worker came over and gave me a hand unclipping.  I stood up and tried to shake off the pain but it wasn't going away.  I took off my helmet and hung it on the wires and walked down to the Hwy maybe 75 yards where I took off my harness.  Then I tried to take off the speed sleeve and while lifting my right arm over my head the shoulder felt like it was coming out of the socket a bit.  I grabbed a fence post and knelt down and pulled on it to get it to reseat which it did finally.  I had the use of the hand and nothing felt broke so the guys and I instructing them got the glider bagged and we hit the road for home.  A killer retrieve getting back to Incline Village where we dropped off the driver about 12:30 and headed to drop off Matt in Calistoga around 4am. Home to bed around 5am after a shower and some unwinding and ibuprofen.


The start of my InReach tracklog. I forgot to turn it on at launch as this was my first flight with it this year so it starts from where I did. The points are 20 minutes apart so you can tell how well I'm doing by their distance apart. The slow stretch is obvious in the beginning after I crossed Hwy 395 at Cold Spring

 The end of it in the surprise Valley 7 miles from Cedarville. 146.2 mile flight 1250fpm max lift. 5hrs.30 mns. of SkyTime. Landed at 6:30. One of the best soaring days of my life which could have been 200 miles easily with a little different conditions and without the slow section at the start.   Thanks again Matt for joining me, and awesome driving as always Mike, you rock.

Here's the Delorme page for the track if you click on the track points it gives you my alt. and speed and gps coordinates. This page is in the members section of Sonoma Wings web page under the About heading.  If on any given day someone calls you to get my last position just click on that days track and go to the end and get the info. and give it to them.
https://share.delorme.com/highhuber   Thankyou.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Airgasm 3 for (Me)

                                                                   As   "It"   Is


In Reality As "It" Is, there is neither  "knowing-subject" nor "known-object".  In Reality As "It" Is,  there are no "objects" arising (as the "known", or as "knowledge", or, otherwise, to yet be "known")---and, in Reality As "It" Is, there are no "knowing-subjects" (or "knowledge-bearing-egos") arising (as the "knower", or the would-be "knower", of "objects"). Rather all conditionally apparent "objects" and "subjects" are (as such) mere mental (or even total psycho-physical) constructs, superimposed upon the Intrinsic (and Intrinsically "objectless", or "differenceless", and "subjectless", or egoless, and all-conditional-knowledge-transcending) Transcendental Spiritual Self-Nature (or Intrinsically Self-Evident Self-Condition, and Intrinsically egoless Self-State) of Reality (Itself, and altogether).

   That Which seems to become "objects" is an Indivisible (or Inherently Non-differentiated, or "differenceless") Field of merely apparent conditional arising. That Field is not separate from the Perfectly Prior Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself---nor is there, in and As Reality Itself, any arising of independent "object-things".  Reality Itself---and the Reality-Field of apparent conditionally-arising phenomena that Is Not "different" from "It"---Is The One and Irreducibly Indivisible and Perfectly Non-differentiated Field That Is As Is.

   The human body arises non-"differently" in That Primary Field.  The Intrinsically (or always Priorly) egoless body is a conditionally apparent mechanism of perception and response. There is no "separate self inside the body"---and the body itself is not a "self".  Rather, the body is an irreducibly complex collection of would-be-cooperative mechanisms---altogether, not merely separate, and not "selfed", and not reducible to an idea, or to the thinking-process, or even to a precise interior "locus of being".  The body is, fundamentally, a complex cooperative of perception, always "located" in a general position (but not as a mere "point") in space, and never in or of a fixed "location" in time.  As the Inherently Non-differentiated Field of perception and the intrinsically egoless body come into conjunction with one another, the Indivisible Field is perceived from the general "location" of the body in time and space. That happening becomes the bodily-organized perception of "objects".  The particularity of "objects" reflected in and of the body is a perceptual-feedback circumstance that, in the bodily context, may be presumed (and, conventionally, or egoically, is invariably presumed) to imply (at the bodily-presumed "point" of perception) a "point-of-view-subject", or "knowing-self". It is only in this bodily perception-conjunction---in which "objects" have already (apparently) arisen in the Non-differentited Field and become reflected in the bodily perception-complex---that a "knowing-self" (or seperate "self", or ego-"I") is "internally" (or mentally), and (altogether) psycho-physically, presumed to be implied (and, thus, to actually and Really exist as such).

There is---in Reality As "It" Is---no ego in, or behind, or appearing as the body. The event of body-conjunction with the Non-differentiated Field naturally becomes the selective perception of apparently arising forms---and that perception may seem (or be responsively presumed) to imply that the body (felt as a "point of view" in time and space) is a "knowing-self".  However, this "knowing-self" (or ego-"I") is merely a presumption---a mere reflection (or "shadow") of "objects". Because of the natural (all-reflecting) perceptual conjunction between the body and the "experiential objects" in the otherwise Non-differentiated (or Indivisible) Field, the bodily perception-process is (mistakenly) presumed to be (or, altogether, imply or suggest) a ("self-objectified") "knowing-subject".

    In Reality, there is (in the apparent context of all conditional arising) only the intrinsically egoless happening of perceiving-bodies arising---indeed, only the intrinsically egoless happening of all the apparent phenomena of conditionality.  In Reality, all that is perceivable and all mechanisms (or bodies) of possible perception arise indivisibly and egolessly, as an intrinsically and irreducibly indivisible and egoless totality.  In the event of the conjunction of bodies and the egoless happening altogether, there is the reflection---or "shadowing" presumption of separate "self" in time and space. The ego-presumption is (as such) an illusion, or a mental (or even total psycho-physical) convention of "self-objectification", without necessity (or Really-"objective" existence), but also, always associated with concrete suffering of egoic consequences.

    There is no ego-"I" in the body.
    The body itself is intrinsically egoless and non-separate.
    There is no separateness in the Field.
    The presumption of separate ego-"I" and the presumption of separate "objects" is simply that---a presumption (or a mental, or even total psycho-physical, construct). That presumption can (therefore) be observed, understood, and transcended. However, the transcending of that presumption is not merely an intellectual matter. Fundamentally, the transcending of that presumption is a Transcendental Spiritual matter. The Non-differentiated and Indivisible Current of Self-Radiance That is the Transcendental Spiritual Context of the Field of happening is the Reality-Means whereby the limitation of presumed ego-"I" is transcended.

    The preliminary listening-practice of "Perfect Knowledge" is a process that begins and (always, thereafter) proceeds in the context of devotional recognition-response to Me---in which context the presumed "point of view"-position and the total psycho-physical "self"-contraction that (both together, and altogether) is egoity is transcended in Transcendental Spiritual (and total psycho-physical) devotional Communion with Me. In due course, devotional recognition-response to Me and whole bodily devotional turning to Me becomes the circumstance of devotional and Transcendental Spiritual Communion with Me, wherein the comprehensive fault of ego-"I" is altogether (intrinsically) transcended. In that transcending, the limiting power of "knowing-subject" and its separate "known-objects" is transcended.  Ultimately, this process becomes the "Perfect (Transcendental Spiritual) Practice" of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given (and , uniquely, seventh stage) "Radical" Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiridam.


    During the period of the European Renaissance, there was a profound struggle to come to terms with the notion that the nature of the universe was not as it had previously been presumed to be. The "old view" had the Earth at the center of everything. In the period of the European Renaissance, people had to come to terms with the notion, based on physical (perceptual) observation, that the Earth (along with the other planets of the solar system) revolves around the Sun.
     The "old view" did not rightly represent Reality-Truth---but neither does the "new view" rightly represent Reality-Truth. In either case (whether "old" or "new"), if the "point of view" were shifted so much as a hair's breadth to the left or the right, the universe so described would no longer exist.
     Reality Itself is not any "view", or in any "point of view". Reality Itself is not merely the idea of "God creating and running the universe". Rather, Reality---Itself, and in the context of all conditionally arising appearances---is Inherently Divine (or egoless, Indivisible, Absolute, Transcendental, Spiritual and Perfect) in Nature.
     In Reality Itself, there is no center. In Reality Itself, there are no spheres within the sphere. And, yet (paradoxically), there is the appearance of conditionally arising events.
    Participation in the appearance of conditionally arising events can either be done on the egoless Basis of Reality Itself or on the basis of the illusion of egoity.
    Either there is the Enlightened Life (of egoless Self-Illumination in and by Reality Itself) or there is the mummery of "Narcissus" in ego-"world".
    There are no other choices.


    People are full of habits---full of adaptation and presumption---based on living as if there actually were a separate "self", associated with a "world" of separate others and separate "objects" of all kinds (including "internal objects" as well as "external objects"). The egoic life is built upon this illusion---and a very complex pattern develops on the basis of this illusory presumption of universal separateness, of separate "objects", and separate "self". That complex pattern is bondage.
    People live habitually on the basis of this pattern. They are patterned by this pattern. In fact, there is nothing but this pattern---patterning itself.  Therefore, the "world" of egos is a mummery, an automaticity---conjunctions of mere patterns mechanically producing permutations of mere patterns
    The real practice of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given "Radical" Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiridam is a profound matter of turning beyond ego-patterning, and being released of ego- patterning, by entering into profoundest devotional (and, in due course, Transcendental Spiritual) Communion with Me.

   The "knowing-subject" (or ego-"I") is the "shadow" (or "Narcissistic" reflection) of the "known-object".  The "knowing-subject" is the shadow of all "experience" that is presumed to be happening to a "point of view"---like a planet presumed to be the "center" of the Sun's revolutions.  The "knowing-subject" is an illusion, an illusory "self".  The "world" of human mummery is made of that illusion. The human ego-"world" is a mummery played on an illusion of "centeredness" (or the illusion of "point of view"). The "world" of conditionally apparent "experience" is very (and even, to any "point of view", incomprehensibly) complex, because it is multiplied within itself through all kinds of conjunctions played on time and space---thus producing a complex human life, and a complex totality of  human "world"-pattern.
   Real practice of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given "Radical" Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiridam is a profound process of going beyond ego-patterning---actually going beyond it, shedding it, turning from it, and (instead) turning to Me and living in devotional Communion with Me.    If the Realization of Reality Itself is your true motive and impulse, your life can be made profound and egolessly one-pointed.  If the Realization of Reality Itself is not your motive and impulse, your life will remain essentially superficial and, generally scattered.

    The ruling presumption within the human ego-"world" (or the human mummery-"world") is of a separate "self" in a "world" of differences. In Reality, there is no separate "self", and there are no differences. However, the Realization of Reality Itself is not about dissociation from the apparent context of the "world". Rather, the Realization of Reality Itself is (most ultimately) a matter of the utter transcending of the separate-"self"-principle, and the Self-Abiding Self-Recognition of the "world" as Non-differentiated Field of No-"difference", or Indivisible and Non-differentiated Reality.
    The only-by-Me Revealed and Given seventh stage Realization is not a matter of "retreating" into the "knowing-self" at its depth---nor is the only-by-Me Revealed and Given seventh stage Realization a matter of "escaping" from the "world". In the only-by-Me Revealed and Given "Radical" Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiridam, there is no requirement or necessity to "escape" from the "world", nor is there any requirement or necessity to somehow (strategically, and egoically) accomplish the "self-destruction"  of the ego-"self".  The seventh stage Realization is the Realization that there is no separate "self" and there is no field of differences. You do not have to disapear from here in order to Find egolessness and No-"difference". There is always already no ego-"I" and no"difference here.

    The only-by-Me Revealed and Given seventh stage Realization is not a trance-state, not any kind of state in which perceptual awareness is merely suspended. Rather, the only-by-Me Revealed and Given seventh stage Realization is a State of Perfect Divine Self-Recognition, Perfect (or Prior, rather than "achieved") egolessness---in Which, even in the context of the apparent event of the "world" and of human existence, there is no separateness, no separate "self" (or "knowing-self", or ego"I"), no "difference", no "objects", no others, no otherness, and no relatedness (or "subject-object-bondage).
    From the egoic perspective, it is impossible to comprehend how life could go on if you were to come to the point where there is no ego and no "difference". Of course, this is not something that you can"figure out".  When there is Most Perfect Realization of Reality Itself, it is always already "figured out".   The Realization of Reality Itself is a Transcendental Spiritual matter, a matter of profundity-beyond-mind.
    Realization of Reality Itself is not a matter of attaining some artificial condition, or some state of suspension, or some illusion. Rather Realization of Reality Itself is a matter of Realizing What Is Always Already The Case, even in the apparent context of the "world"arising.
   There is no separate"self", no mind, and no "difference"
   There is only a Spontaneous Happening.
   That Is "It"---As "It" Is.

From chapter IV,  As "It" Is,  of The Teaching Manual of Perfect Summaries,  The Revelation of The Preliminary "Perfect Knowledge" Teachings of His Divne Presence,  The Divne Avataric World-Teacher,   Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

Once entered into devotional communion with this Master of Perfect Means, the "knowledge" expressed in this writing is Given directly, to your feeling Heart and Being, Prior to the minds attempt to figure it out. Find this Grace Given Truth and the shadow life will disappear in The Bright  of Conscious Light.


Sunday, April 23, 2017

St. Helena 4-23-17

Fred C. , Brian K? , Matt D., and Grant H, left to right, Scott H., didn't make the photo.  On launch getting ready to fly.  Strong cycles with some building winds but everyone got off ok.
Looking North toward Cobb Mt with the top of St. H. below.  I think I topped out around 5600' but the lift and air was a little rowdy in places.   The cloud streets were not looking like they would hold together in the 15to 18mph winds so I stayed local.
This is from the south side of Knights Vly looking toward Healdsburg and Lake Sonoma. The lift was better over there and the winds weren't as ratty as over the peak.
Got to 5800' under the street up behind Safari West.  Sonoma County Airport behind my side wire in the distance.

 Looking toward Rincon Ridge and Spring Lake in the distance.   Could have flown to Rincon Vly easily but with the gusty NW winds choose not to.
Calistoga from the same area, pretty shot looking down Napa Vly.
Back toward St. Helena and Knights Vly
Tried for an out and return to the divide between Knights and Alexander Vlys, pushing a head wind.  Got a little past half way after working some lift and losing ground as I circled up.   Ran out of altitude so with a little over 2200' left in reserve, turned and blasted downwind back to Janes.
Had a ok landing with a little runin with a cow pie freshlly made but walked over to the water trough and cleaned up.   A sweet day with the crew and some good spring flyin. Everyone had all the airtime they wanted.  Thanks Grant for coming out and driving for us.   The field has lots of lupine this year. Mt. St. Helena launch in background.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

St. Helena, Airgasm 2 for (You).

Un-Enlightened human beings are characteristically involved in trying to find out if there is "Something Greater" in life, so that they can "feel better" about conditionally apparent existence. Such people are always looking to the body-mind complex and the physical universe to provide "proof" that there is "Something Greater". Neither the body-mind complex nor the entire realm of conditionally manifested appearances is the Source-Position in Which you, in Reality, Stand.  In Reality, you Stand in the Position of Consciousness Itself, not in the position of the conditionally apparent cosmos. If you are established profoundly in the Position of Consciousness Itself, you will Realize Its True Status--and, therefore, the True Status of all conditionally apparent beings, things, and events.
In the Most Perfect Stand of Consciousness Itself, there is no "me", no "someone" egoically "self"-identified with the body, no "subjective" awareness "somewhere inside" (being confronted by the "outside world" of apparently "objective" conditional manifestation).
In the Most Perfect Stand of Consciousness Itself, you Realize (Directly and Intrinsically, by means of My Divine Avataric Transcendental Spiritual Grace) that you Stand in the Indivisible Domain of Infinite Energy--and you Realize that every conditionally apparent being, thing, and event is simply an apparent modification of Infinite Energy.
In the Most Perfect Stand of Consciousness Itself, you do not even encounter the body--except as an apparent modification of Infinite Energy.
In contrast, from the egoic "point of view" of the first three stages of life, the body is encountered as solid "stuff", solid "me".
From that "point of view", the body is not encountered as an apparent modification of Infinite Energy. Rather, in the "disposition" of the first three stages of life, the body is the "point of view" from which even Consciousness Itself is examined.
From that "disposition", all references that are made to Consciousness Itself are made from the "point of view" of egoic "self"-identification with the body. All of that is, itself, an intrinsically false view of conditionally apparent existence.
You must have a right understanding of conditionally apparent existence. In the Position of Self-Existing Consciousness Itself, everything that arises to Consciousness Itself is "Perfectly Known" to be a merely apparent,  non-necessary, and intrinsically non-binding modification of the Self-Radiant Energy of Self-Existing Consciousness (or of the One and Indivisible Conscious Light That Is Reality Itself).
Even the most solid forms are only apparent modifications of Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Energy  (or Conscious Light). From the Position of Consciousness Itself, This Is Intrinsically Self-Evident.
In contrast, from the "point of view" of the body-mind-complex, it is not at all Self-Evident What the Status of individual conscious awareness Is, or What the Status of any thing, or any conditionally apparent state of being, Is.
From the "point of view" of the body-mind-complex, everything is just "stuff", "thingness", "seperateness"--or all of mere "self" and "not-self.
Apart from Most Perfect Divine Self-Realizaion, the Divine Status of conditionally apparent existence is not intuited or presumed.
In the Position of Consciousness Itself, It Is Intrinsically Self-Evident That There Is Only Consciousness Itself In and As the Indivisible Domain of Infinite Energy.
All kinds of beings, things, and events are arising conditionally, but they are only apparent modifications of the Self-Radiant Energy of Self-Existing Consciousness--or Divine and One and Indivisible and Perfectly egoless and Perfectly Acausal Conscious Light.

This Is "Perfect Knowledge".

This Is the "Knowledge" That Is Most Perfect Divine Enlightenment.

Adi Da Samraj,  The Perfect Knowledge Of Conscious Light,  from Volume One of The Aletheon, The Divine Avataric Self-Revelation of His Divine Presence.  By Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

May You Realize the Grace of This Truth, the relationship with Adi Da Is the means of This Realization, of this I'm perfectly certain.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

St Helena Airgasm 3-25-17

The first second in the sky promised something special.  Cool crisp air and lift which roused  manhood, carried almost instantaneously to a state of full awareness of all she had to give.

Circling back over the Mt.,  feet just left seconds before,  viewed  comrades from over head, wondered, would they feel this intimate embrace, that just slapped the face, with anticipation of another place, and circled hungrily into her spreading folds of white building clouds and blue colored space.
With strength lifted wings on high, caressed,  tantalized,  kissed. She called with might, promised a wondrous exceptional flight, if only frightful fear, which separates spirits in the night, could be lost in this most beautiful day.

Dancing, touching, feeling her out, climbed high with laughter, in and out.  Gave no heed, fears cramping call, took her hand and gave her all.
Her blissful presence soothed nerves, that stroked and fondled her curves, and lead home to a place of ground, made green and flowering by her soothing rain, that cleanses sorrow, vanishes pain.
The remarkable experience of this wondrous day, left worries behind, left troubles at bay.  Joy found in freedom of skies loved and known, may gladden the hearts and lighten the load, those still found in fear,  I's lonely place, and one day know, this most enlightening embrace.

Monday, October 10, 2016

2016 Colorado FlyWeek and Beyond

I showed up at Villa Grove on Thursday evening with driver in rig and set up camp.  Sharon Leopardi aka colorgirl,  had been hiking the San Juan Range for over a month and decided to come down and get a change of scenery from being on top of peaks looking down to being on the ground looking up.  I was happy for her company and driving expertise.

Some of you know her from King Mt. Meets in the past when she was usually driving for Lisa Verzella and Dr. Paul.

We visited Canyon De Chelly  on the way to Mingus later in the trip where I shot this photo.
 I picked her up in Silverthorne that morning and we headed to Villa Grove and were lucky for dry weather to set up camp in.

Everything was very green and I could tell a lot of monsoonal moisture had fallen over the summer months.  The weather forecast said it was tapering off and the coming week was predicted to be fairly dry.  Hopefully the flying would be great.

On Sat. the first day of the meet I got off the hill  a bit late at 1:53 as I had to wait for a shuttle to launch and a few others to get off the hill before I could go.  No big deal the days turn on later with the moist conditions, and it being the end of August the sun takes a little longer to get into high power mode.

Here's some pics from that day. 8/27

This is looking NW toward Poncha Pass after climbing up behind launch to around 12K I would guess.  The sky is beginning to OD to the north and the winds are very lite west so I head south down the Sangre De Christo Range.

This is S Crestone Lake south from launch about 24 miles. I believe the snowfall happened the night before.

Same place showing a little more of the sky.  The range is beautiful and Sharon and I would come back the next day and hike to Willow Lake which is in the next canyon south from here at about the same altitude.  I guess I'm around 14K at this point.  Maybe a little higher. Mt. Adams behind the lake is at 13,900'.

This was shot looking NW up the valley from the same area east of Crestone.

This is a bit farther south showing the range and the beginnings of the Great Sand Dunes National Park.   Looking SE

Same spot but looking across the dunes to Blanca Peak area.   I flew the back ridge behind the dunes and made it across the Park fairly easily.  I got to Blanca 56 miles out and the sky was blowing up with big cells dumping virga to the north and south.   Came back a few miles and landed along the 150 highway at Urraca Rd. around 50 miles.   Saw Steve Rewolinski landing after I was on the ground.  He never saw me but saw Sharon driving by in my rig coming back from the south so knew he had other pilots in the area.   We went and got him after loading up.   He was happy to see us pull up as his retrieve vehicle was way off looking for somebody else at the time.

My max alt. for the day was 15196' and the flight time was 3Hrs:46mns.

The coming day was forecast to be a bit worse in the weather department and I had seen some beautiful high alpine lakes on the flight from yesterday so I suggested to Sharon we try to find a trail to the one with the waterfall.   She checked it out on her phone and sure enough there was a trail heading right there from behind Crestone.

We started the hike fairly late maybe around noon but had plenty of daylight to get up there and back down before nightfall. 

Here's some pics of Sharons she took with her phone.

This is going up the Willow Lake Trail.  The Lake is up right at timberline at 11,600'. We started at about 8900. 4.5 miles one way.

Just before the lake we came across these Mt. Sheep in a camping area with tents in it.  They were very accustomed to humans hanging out with them and were not frightened at all.

We found the park service had brought up a canoe for hikers use so we took it for a paddle.  Pretty cool of them to do.   This is looking toward the small waterfall that flows into the lake as we paddled towards it.

Taken in front of the waterfall.  The princess and the pilot!

So after this little jaunt we had dinner in Crestone and headed back to camp to listen to the evenings entertainment.  I forget the names of the entertainers but they were very good and we enjoyed the atmosphere of hanging near the big fire and talking till around 11 when things usually quieted down.

The next day was again forecast to be early afternoon rain cells developing so I think we went to town and did laundry and got groceries.   Plus we hit Walmart for some propane cooking cylinders and an air mattress for Sharon as hers was a bit undersized because it was for back packing.   We got back in time to catch the evenings entertainment after having dinner at a Cambodian place in downtown, which was very good.

The 30th I went to launch hoping to fly before the rain cells developed but had no luck.   It started blowing down very early and I tied my wing back in the trees with my harness underneath it to keep it dry.   Sharon did another hike starting from Heyden pass Rd. up behind launch down to the bat caves and hot springs south down the range.  We hit the springs after I picked her up, then came back for the evenings entertainment which was great as usual.  The bar maids had absolutely fantastic costumes they wore every night  based on a certain theme.  I had my camera tucked in my harness but finally brought it out after the last day of flying and got some shots but by then they were toned down a bit.  It was like being in vegas on some nights. I'm sure some one will post some pics of their costumes at some point.  

  Anyway my glider was fine the next morning and I got off the hill on the # 1 launch as the pilot in front of me popped his nose and mushed his launch into the side of the hill below the ramp most people preferred to launch from.  He was an out of practice pilot and suffered the consequences of his negligence, luckily he only suffered a minor concussion and became a launch director from that day on.

A pic from my setup spot just above #1 launch to the north of the ramp.  Got a few smiles when I yelled hey over here!

Gliders set up behind launch.  Paras are just below the ramp with 2 of their own launches.

The dirt ramp and paragliders launch behind and below hangs to left.  Looking SE down the valley toward the Dunes.

It took me  along time to get up this day and the winds were from the south southeast, so I headed north toward Poncha Pass.  Hoping to get on the Collegiate Range and fly up toward Leadville or maybe more NE if they were OD'ing.

I got very low before the pass maybe 400' over, unzipped and ready to drop my streamer.  A truck was heading out from the highway to pick up a pilot who had launched Whale that day and landed a ways up the foothills at the base of the Sangres to the east.   I think the truck triggered a thermal because I started climbing slowly after he came under me, and kept on it as I drifted to the north toward the pass. 

I eventually topped out at 14278' over the pass and headed for Mt. Shavano to the NW.  A cell was developing near Monarch Pass to my west so I was trying to get in front of it.  I did but soon other cells started developing farther north and east so I flew out and landed across the street from the Centerville Pit Stop gas station along the highway for a flight of almost 29 miles.  2Hrs. 30Mns.

The next day I flew again but only managed to keep it up for 30mns. Since they were giving away a $1000 for both the paras and hangs accumulative spot landing contests, which started this day, I gave it a shot.  My drogue chute didn't fully inflate and my approach was to the west in a down hill direction so I was outside the target area but landed uneventfully.  No broken metal!   Sharon and I went to a movie in Salida and skipped out of the evenings entertainment.

I didn't fly Friday the 2nd because I think the weather was funky again or something and I didn't sleep too well as a gust front came through with 50mph winds and tore my tent rain fly all up.  I woke up with rain falling on my face around 2am and went out and covered my tent with a large tarp I had brought for a shade cover if needed.

These pics are from Sat. the 3rd the final day of flying, dinner and awards ceremony.

This is looking at Whale 12 miles to the NW as I climbed up above launch.  It looks better to the south so I head out that way.

This is a pic of Willow Lake as I'm flying by. You can see the waterfall if you click on the pic and enlarge it.

This is looking back toward the north end of the valley and the rain falling near Villa Grove.  I continued on crossing the dunes again on the back ridge behind them but hit a SE wind halfway across and just made it beyond the southern boundary to avoid a fine and having my wing confiscated.

A Ranger stopped and asked me if I needed anything but I said no but thanks for stopping and asking.
The rest of these pics are from the evening, after the really wonderful dinner they had catered by some folks out of Crestone I believe.

Tiffany Smith receiving flowers from Jim Zeizet and his wife for all her efforts in putting on FlyWeek.  You rocked it Tiffany, thank you again.

Tiff getting emotional thanking everyone for supporting FlyWeek and sharing all the love.

Larry handing out the trophies.  This one for the only chute deployment and tree landing during the week.  He landed in a tree and received a soiled pair of undies for all his efforts.  It was a good laugh!

This went to the top female pilot who's name I can't remember.  Wayne Michelson took first place in the open class with Kevin Carter then Steve Rewolinski in 3rd.  I didn't feel like competing under the conditions we were getting so didn't turn in my scores. 

Final night look at Tiffs Tavern gives you a little taste of the costumes the ladys were sporting.

Tiffany introduces Shel who were the final group of entertainers.  They have a unique sound and style which although isn't really rock and roll is easy to listen to and they received  appreciative rounds of applause.
  I enjoyed Flyweek for all the people who came and made it great.  The flying was less then stellar but the comraderie was as good as it gets.   Larry and Tiffany thank you for putting this on again.  Your energy, presentation and planning are legendary in the flying community.  You treated everyone to a spectacular FlyWeek  and set the bar very high for how it should be done.

On to Paradox!

I decided to hit a few flying sites in Co. I'd never flown before.   First we went to Cabelas and REI in Grand Junction.  Sharon got a hydration belt for her upcoming run she signed up for down in Arizona which she was excited about.  It was put on by the local Hopi Indian tribe and was in support of pure Water for the local residents near Second Mesa.

I got a new tent from Cabelas'.

The above pic is Tom the local hangglider pilot and Sharon holding my wing down while I took the pic.   It was getting pretty strong on the road cut but with them on my side wires I got off safely with just a minor wingtip drag on the high side.

These are the La Sal Mtns. in Utah about 15 miles away.  Moab is on the other side about 32 miles out.  I wasn't getting very high, I topped out at 9700'.  With 14 I might have gone somewhere XC.

This is over the back toward Grand Junction.  This area is called the Uncompahgre Plateau. and is very scenic.  We drove through it on are way down there.

This is from about 16 miles SE of launch down the Paradox Valley.  I headed back from here and landed in the bail out below launch.  A fun flight of 2:07 hrs. Although the date stamp changes from the 4th to the 5th on these pics, I only flew there one day the 5th.  The time is off by 12 hours so switches at noon instead of midnight, something I need to correct.
 A pretty cool site with a great couple days hanging out with Tom. He likes getting visitors as not that many pilots fly Paradox these days he said.

On to Telluride

Telluride is 70 miles SE of Paradox but sits in a beautiful mt. range with peaks in the 13500' ft. range surrounding it on 3 sides.  This stream flowed by near where we were camped and I took a bath in it on this day. It was cold but felt great.  

Far to near, Pete Lehman, Dave Beardsley and Keven Smith.  My flying brothers for the day.  Sharon drove for us.  Gold Hill launch at 12200'. Looking north.

Newer Chair lift but no problem launching next to it.

I got a little altitude and went over the back hoping I could fly around the valley but never got real high again.  This is Bridal Veil Falls and the east end of the valley.

This is Silver Lake on the back side of Ballard Mt. I got to 13400' here but not enough to make the jump across the valley to the north.

This is looking across to the north ridge line and the Mt. Sneffels Wilderness area.

Looking West out over Telluride the 2 LZ's are on the west end of town.  The field below me may become a new LZ. It is a buried tailings pile but as of yet is not open.    A beautiful site on a late afternoon flight 4pm to 5:30 .    Kevin Smith works for the town of Telluride and is the main man for flying here.  Go to city hall and ask for him or ask in Sawpit 12 miles west of town where he lives.  Most people know him.   Thanks for the site intro Kevin.  Paras also fly here a lot.

On to Canyon De Chelly!

This National Monument was on our way to Sharons foot race so we stopped in and spent a night in their campground.  I have driven by it before but hadn't stopped to check it out.

This is looking down into the canyon from the rim.  The cliffs are around 700' high at 6400' or so the canyon floor is around 5700'

This is on the way down to White House Ruins. The only publically allowed hiking area into the Canyon.  The Indians still live and farm in parts of the Canyon so it is mostly protected, although you can take a jeep tour through the Canyon in certain areas.

I did this hike alone as Sharon was suffering from a cold and wanted to rest so she wouldn't miss her upcoming race.  These are the White House Ruins.  Pretty cool, I guess they built like this for defensive purposes mostly as the neighboring tribes weren't friendly.

Close up of the lower ruins.  Lots of manual labor to build like this, but very defensible I would guess.

Horses in the Canyon.

Very scenic area but would be hard living at the bottom of it as everything would have to be hiked down the cliffs or brought in from the west end where it gets shallow.  There is water down there in parts of the creek at least for parts of the year.

Overlooking White House Ruins. Sharon took this pic after I went back to camp and we packed it up and I took her back out to the overlook which are all along the rim.  Then we headed for Second Mesa where the race was to begin.

Sharon picked up her running packet for signing up for the marathon but she was in no shape to run it so we headed for Mingus Mt. SW of Flagstaff.  

John (Ole) Olson pitching his tales of the Wild Side to anyone who will listen.  Always good to see Ole.  We flew this day and landed in the bailout LZ at the Cottonwood Airport. 

Setup area on Mingus Mt.

The weather turned windy for a few days so we did some day hikes around Sedona.  These 2 picks above are just outside of town along Dry Creek.  Sedona is very picturesque and a very popular vacation area. Lots of tourists in town.

This is along the West Fork trail of Dry Creek at an old homestead ruins. Sharon is trying to make it through the portal into the next dimension but she didn't get there

A couple shots of the canyon walls on the hike up the west fork trail.

The end of the maintained trail showing the creeks eroding of the canyon walls during high water.

Another hike, this one up Boyton Canyon just outside of Sedona. Beautiful area which I love to hang in.  The next pics will be hanging in the sky over it on my wing. 

Over the Boyton Canyon area near Sedona Az. Looking toward Flagstaff and the San Francisco Peaks in the distance.

Looking into Boynton Canyon from about 11 000'.  Finally a good day off Mingus 23 miles to the west of here.

Looking out to Sedona from same spot over Boynton Canyon. Airport is usual landing zone for Sedona which is on top of the mesa to the left of the pic.

This is Mormon lake to the east of Munds Park on Interstate 17.  I finally climbed high enough to make the move for Munds Park after about 2 hrs. of flying around Sedona.  

Was trying to make it to Meteor Crater to the east but only got as far as Ashurst Lake, where this pic was taken on a time lapse night shot with the lights of Flagstaff reflecting of the clouds below.  The Milky Way above. I found it on Google Earth and Print Screened it.  46.5 mile flight.

Camp on Mingus Mt.   Beautiful spot but bring water, there is plenty of firewood but no water.

Good day at Mingus got to 13600' with Ole showing me where to get high.  South East winds so headed up to the northwest toward Ash Fork on Interstate 40. This is looking back at Mingus Mt. from Chino Valley.

This was taken from above Big Black Mesa as I got high over it after heading up the Big Chino Valley to the NW of Paulden.   Ash Fork is about in the middle of the photo.  The San Francisco Peaks are in the right distance.  I was topping out around 13000' in the better thermals and pushed on up toward Seligman on I40 to the west of Ask Fork .  Flew right over Picacho Peak on the way but got no lift off of it.  Halfway from there toward Seligman out over the flats I climbed to 13K again. 

This gave me the altitude to make it to Chino Point just beyond Seligman which sits at the south end of the Aubrey Cliffs.

This weather radar tower sits on Chino Point. I flew right over it and debated with Sharon if I should continue on up the Aubrey cliffs.  But the winds were still SE and the cliffs face mostly west and I know the road at there base to the west is now on a big private ranch and the rancher has basically locked the hanggliders out of flying Chino Point.

I got to 12500' about a mile north of Chino Point but decided to not risk landing behind a locked gate on private property so headed out to the NW down Hwy 66.   This photo is of the Aubrey Cliffs as I'm heading out to the hwy.

Looking more to the north to the break in the cliffs before it continues on to the Grand Canyon.
The northern rim of the canyon is in the distant left of this picture about 25 miles out.  I made it 75 miles in 4hrs. 30 mns. with a max alt. of 13600' at Mingus on this flight.

A couple shots of Monument Valley as we drove through on the way to Muley Point a flying spot above the San Juan River in southern Utah  near Mexican Hat. 

Off of Muley Point looking over the Goosenecks of the San Juan Rvr and out toward Monument valley.  I didn't fly as the winds were really lite and I figured it would be a quick sledder down into hell.

Instead we went to this site up west of Monticello called Abajo Peak where Sharon said she had been before with Lisa V.  The winds were coming in from the west but there is not much for landing zones on that side of the Mt. It's an early morning east facing site because of that but is very beautiful and somewhere I hope to fly on another flying adventure.

We headed toward Salt Lake after this where Sharon hung out with her relatives and I headed back to California.   It was a fun trip of flying, site seeing and hiking, thanks for hanging with and driving for me Sharon, hope you had some fun too.